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Party Like a Bard!Bardic Wells Mead

In May 2007 Bardic Wells Meadery completed a four year long licensing process and became Michigan's first licensed, commercial meadery. A meadery is a winery that produces ONLY meads. Mead, sometimes called Honey Wine, is fermented honey and is the original alcoholic beverage - predating both beer and wine. All mead contains honey but some have fruit, herbs or spices added to make different flavors. Meads with only honey are called Traditional Mead, Fruit meads are called Melomels and Metheglins are meads with spices or herbs added. Bardic Wells Meadery makes all three varieties, two of which have won a national  award.

The Greeks, Romans, Vikings and even ancient Ethiopians are examples of civilizations that produced and enjoyed mead. Celtic tribes in Ireland and England were particularly fond of mead.

Bardic Wells Meadery draws its identity from the rich Celtic history. Bards were medieval performers who traveled from town to town, entertaining people with song, story, music and dance. Spontaneous celebrations would break out upon a bard's arrival and people took a break from their drab, medieval routines. Mead would flow during these celebrations and enhance the experience.

The name Bardic Wells Meadery captures the fun and merriment that flowed during these festivities - like water from the town's well, which was the epicenter of the celebration. Today, like medieval peasants and nobility of old, we would still benefit from the spirit and joy of a bard's performance.

Bardic Wells mission is simple - People will always need a break from drab routines. Our authentic mead, used centuries ago by Celtic bards, is still a fun diversion from a modern, pressure packed world. Party like a bard!

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